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Mission Statement:

To provide physical and financial assistance to local charitable organizations, while providing fun and rewarding experiences for our members and friends.



Team Ready Friends:









Team Ready Community Service Projects

Many of the original Team Ready members began working together on service projects during the mid 90’s as part of the Scout camp expansion. Following camp staff service, members became homeowners and these skills continued to grow and projects served as a chance to reunite with family and friends. And as part of Team Ready’s growing mission and reputation, these group services were expanded to the community in 2005.

Team Ready was asked to help provide a workforce to assist with the siding project for the Wausau Habitat for Humanity in the Fall of 2005. Thank you to the members that were able to assist – Pio, Dave, Brian, Roger, Todd, Stove, Jake and Josh. Coincidently, Jason was working the same weekend at a Stevens Point Habitat for Humanity home. Click here to see the full siding project photo gallery.  (In 2006, Brian, Todd, Jason & Justin spent a couple of weekends helping with the foundation & framing for a new home in Stevens Point. And then Rob joined that same crew doing more of the same thing on another house in Stevens Point in 2007-08.)

While not part of the original community service project calendar, Team Ready was asked to help out with a couple of other projects in the Fall of ’05. The Nelson Family provides respite care for mentally disabled children, and to better serve their needs the front porch was in need of a big upgrade. Thank you to the porch crew – OMR, Drew, Brian, Todd and Josh. Click here to see the full porch project photo gallery.

The following month, the nuns living at a house owned by the Sisters of the Holy Cross received the assistance of Team Ready members with the insulating of their attic to help better manage their heating bill for the upcoming winter. Thank you to the insulating crew – Jason, Brian and Todd. Click here to see the full insulation project photo gallery.

While we look forward to continuing our relationship with Habitat for Humanity, we are also proud of the other opportunities we have to assist other worthy aspects of our communities.